Irene Schwarz Minnaar

Passionate about design for scientific communication

With a unique combination ofdesign skills and scientific background, I love to create design solutions that help the audience to acquire knowledge and increased understanding of scientific topics.

Visual concepts

In my work I draw on the experience I have gathered from working in the agency world on a range of different projects for a broad variety of international clients – some of the major players in the life science industry. This enables me to conceptualise visual communication content within a broad variety of topics aimed at different audiences in different channels.

Complex scientific topics

I gather most of my inspiration from sources outside of life science in order to create new and different design solutions. I find the field ofscience andhealthcare extremely interesting to work with, as the topics are often complex and scientific and require deep research and analysis, which I really enjoy. Regulatory and legal restrictions have sharpened my ability to create new solutions to creative challenges.

Collaboration & teamwork

I believe that an iterative design process with close collaboration between designers, stakeholders and users is key to ensure that a design solution will create the largest impact and value. I find open and honest communication and the use of feedback essential to grow and develop together as a team.

Music & mountains

I live and work in Copenhagen, where I enjoy the vibrant scene of culture, art and music – especially the blues which I also like to play on my guitar. To clear my head and recharge I travel to places where I can go hiking in the mountains.