Selected cases

My aim of any project is always to create a visual concept and user experience to help the client make complex scientific content accessible to the intended users. I use sketching, prototyping, storyboards and user testing in the design process.

In collaboration with copywriters, a design team and a technical team, I have lead the creative part of the following types of work.

Case 1

Web content for cancer patients and doctors

THE CHALLENGE: A pharmaceutical company wanted to position themselves as an authority in a certain type of cancer. The goal was to be the go-to place for patients and healthcare professionals to get information about this cancer type. It was decided to create a website, and the company already had a lot of scientific material available.

THE SOLUTION: We designed a website for each audience: a public site and a healthcare professional site. The content we created for the public website provided small understandable bites of information prioritised as less text and a larger proportion of images, videos and infographics. All topics would be created with the patients’ concerns in mind. The healthcare professional website provided an overview of all information about the disease with supplementary links to scientific papers, tools, external websites and other background materials.

THE VALUE: Going from almost no presence on the web, this company now will be behind some of the top search results for this type of cancer. User testing of the patient website showed a positive response to our content approach. On the healthcare professional website, the company can now show their collaboration with patient organisations by links and shared content.

Case 2

Long-term relationship with infant formula

THE CHALLENGE: For an infant nutrition company with a large portfolio of formula milk products, there was a need for digital tools for multichannel communication with healthcare professionals and for training of the sales team.

THE SOLUTION: Over the course of 4 years (and still on-going) we worked closely with the client to build a range of digital presentations to be used by the company’s sales team. All presentations were based on educational storytelling rooted in the problems that parents of young children would present to healthcare professionals. In close collaboration with the sales team, we created content that was highly usable and matched the knowledge level of the healthcare professionals. We worked continuously with feedback from the sales team in order to improve the user experience and meet all the different needs of the company, such as being useful in both 1-1 meetings and group presentations, as well as for conferences – and at the same time supporting different sales approaches.

THE VALUE: The digital presentations enabled the sales team to tell relevant stories to each individual healthcare professional and at the same time capture important information about their situations and interests. The navigation allows the sales team to easily find their way in a large amount of content. The interactive content and use of digital media helps the sales team to communicate some of the more complex topics of the presentations through videos and animations. A modular content approach made it easy to implement updates over time, as new studies or key messages became available from the company.

Case 3

ROI calculator tool for cattle farmers

THE CHALLENGE: A major animal health company wanted to communicate potential lossof beef cattle to disease along with comparing potential ROI, if customers would switch antibiotics. Up until then, they had usedsome old excel sheets to do the calculations with the customers. But there was a need to incorporate these calculations into an iPad presentation and make the story more tailored to each customer.

THE SOLUTION: We created a story where the customer would enter data for his own herd, which would then be used to calculate this customer’s actual potential loss/ROI. The interface was designed so it was easy to see which inputs and results were most important. Based on the calculations we created visual graphs that would update live as numbers were adjusted to reveal the result immediately. The visuals provided an easy way of illustrating the immediate benefit for the customer.

THE VALUE: With the tool, the sales team was able to show their customers a very precise picture of their potential, which made it easy to convince them to switch antibiotics. The company even promised to pay out the difference, if any customer did not reach the result of the tool (which all customers did). As this went into an iPad sales tool linked to their customer database, the company now also have a lot of valuable data on their customers’ operations.

If you are looking for a recent portfolio with cases in more detail, please send me an email and I will provide you with a PDF, as most of my work is under confidentiality agreement.